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League City Gun safety concealed hand gun certification class


Before I took this class & later received my CHL Instructor's Certification, I had never held a gun, didn't want to hold a gun, didn't have them in my house. My kid's didn't even play with toy guns! But what I learned is that 'ignorance is not bliss' when it comes to gun safety, knowledge and personal protection.

It is a reality that criminals with guns exist in our society. If you don't have the education for how to handle a criminal situation - well...How will you protect yourself, your family, others involved?

These classes gave me the confidence, wisdom and understanding to feel prepared for that sort of reality.

I had a burning desire to help others because if I could do it, I knew others could do it too.

- CHL Instructor, Donna Boyd


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Certified DPS Instructor - 832.221.2678

Concealed Handgun Classes

CHL Classes are held Monday through Saturday. Classes of 4 or more are discounted. Call for details.


Gun Safety & CHL Classes League City

Certified DPS Instructors

Concealed Handgun Classes

We teach our beginner-friendly CHL Classes all over the greater Clear Lake Bay Area, Galveston and Houston:

CHL & Safety Courses Combine:

Non-violent conflict resolution

Public awareness - shopping center, parking lot, garage, etc.

Use of force/deadly force Home invasion plan
Personal awareness Gun use & storage


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